• Software Company Aiven raises $100 million in Series C funding.
    • The recent investment will bolster its open source innovation globally.
    • The fresh round of investment was led by Atomico, World Innovation Lab., and Salesforce Ventures.

    Software firm Aiven announced that it has raised $100 million in funding. Which will help in boosting the company’s global innovation. The fresh round of funding was led by Atomico, World Innovation Lab., and Salesforce Ventures. With this, the total investment raised by the company has gone up to $150 million.

    Meanwhile, Aiven’s Series A investors Earlybird Venture Capital and Series B (IVP) have also pledged to increase their capital commitments.

    What Will Aiven Do With The $100m Investment?

    With the help of this $100 million funding, Aiven will try to launch new products in the market. Bolster activities to develop open source technologies and continue its international thrust for a larger share of the pie. The fresh input of funds will make it easy for Aiven to penetrate the underserved markets. Where their products haven’t found their way yet. The company is excited at this new funding, which will ease its developmental activities and to foray into new territories.

    There are also plans on the anvil to hire more workforces so that more could be delivered in the coming years. According to Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO and co-founder at Aiven, the company’s “mission is to champion open source, making the lives of developers better in all that we do.” So, the recent funding will facilitate the company to add new service capabilities, build the team and enter into new markets, while also contribute significantly to the open source tribe, added Oskari.

    Open Source An Integral Part Of Aiven’s Business

    Aiven offers fully-managed services to clients of open source projects like OpenSearch, Apache Kafka and Cassandra, M3 and PostgreSQL in the open cloud.

    Oskari mentioned that open source is crucial to their business and is part of every aspect. Ranging from home automation and retail analytics to energy metering, open source is vital to Aiven. Building most of the present tools call for a heavy expense. So, the new $100 million funding is a shot in the arm for Aiven.

    Global companies, on the other hand, look for the open source tools that Aiven has to offer and these are in much demand. Due to their scalability, simplicity, and transparent quality, the open source products of Aiven are always in demand. With help from Aiven, companies can get rid of their problems in managing some of these best tools in-house and on the cloud. So, for their internal teams, it will be easy to focus only on building apps and not fret about the infrastructure with help from Aiven.

    Bottom Line

    Even in the future, Aiven will look to raise more funds to grow the company exponentially. To take its high-demand open source products to the global market, investment of this magnitude becomes indispensable. So, this $100 million Series C funding is part of a long-term strategy for Aiven. The company hopes that investors have faith in them and their business. Investors are also keeping a close watch on the developmental activities of the company. As the company grows, it will draw more investors in the future.

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