Get ready to hear all about Chrissy Cunningham, the high school queen bee portrayed by Grace Van Dien in Stranger Things. She may have seemed like the perfect cheerleader dating the basketball captain, but underneath that perky façade was a girl struggling with some serious issues. Her mother’s emotional abuse and her own battles with depression and self-image were all bubbling under the surface.

    As if that weren’t enough, Chrissy started seeing some seriously messed up hallucinations, including a horrifying humanoid from another dimension. Unfortunately, her friend Eddie Munson couldn’t save her from being psychically murdered by this creature. And if that wasn’t bad enough, her death triggered the opening of a gate to the Upside Down.

    After Chrissy’s untimely demise, Eddie and Jason had different ideas about how to avenge her. Jason thought Eddie was behind it all, while Eddie joined forces with the “Party” to take on the Upside Down. And when the fourth and final gate opened, the one at Chrissy’s death site merged with the others to create a terrifying portal at the center of Hawkins.

    Chrissy Cunningham Bio, Wiki, Physician Stats & More

    Check out the juicy deets on Chrissy Cunningham, the late, great queen bee of Hawkins High, portrayed by the one and only Grace Van Dien:

    • She was born in 1967-68, possibly on June 13th (sources differ).
    • Sadly, she passed away on March 21st, 1986, at the ripe old age of 17-18 (again, sources differ).
    • Chrissy had a few nicknames, including “Chris” (courtesy of her BF Jason) and “The Queen of Hawkins High” .
    • Her full name was Chrissy Elizabeth Cunningham, and she lived at 82 Poplar Tree Road in Hawkins, Indiana.
    • Jason Carver was her boyfriend until the bitter end.
    • Her family included her mom Laura, dad Phillip, and an unnamed brother.
    • She was tight with Eddie Munson, who was her friend, drug dealer, and crush 
    • Unfortunately, Chrissy’s killer was none other than Vecna 
    • Chrissy was part of the Hawkins High School Cheerleading Squad and was the head cheerleader during her senior year.
    • She started out as a student at Hawkins Middle School and then moved on up to Hawkins High, where she ruled the roost.
    • Physically, Chrissy was 5’3″ tall with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair.
    • And last but not least, she was brought to life on screen by the talented Grace Van Dien.

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