Rank IQ is a suite of SEO tools created especially for bloggers and companies who run blogs. Furthermore, a tonne of prospective clients are being lost to you if you haven’t used content marketing as a lead generating approach.

It helps you produce SEO-optimized content more quickly and efficiently by offering suggestions for the article’s title and content. This evaluation will address the features, benefits, limitations, definition, pricing, advantages, and best practices of Rank IQ.

About Rank IQ

A search engine optimization tool called RankIQ was created to assist bloggers in producing material that is optimized for blog articles. Using a single, unified interface, administrators may select high traffic, low competitiveness keywords for blog posts.

material creators may find and create material on subjects that score best in Google’s ranking algorithm by using the AI-enabled platform. Teams may use it to monitor page views for older pieces, identify underperforming material, and tweak it to drive traffic. It also provides tools for analyzing search engine results pages, enabling operators to pinpoint high click-through rates (CTRs) for desired SEO-based titles. 

allows businesses to generate SEO reports that assess several sources, suggest word counts based on selected themes, and offer recommendations for content readability scores. Pricing is based on monthly subscriptions, and customer support is provided via an online contact form.


As you known that feature plays an important role in the success of the website.Given below are the few feature are:-

  • Keyword research: It helps you find SEO-optimized terms with a high search volume and little competition.
  • Content optimization: It assists you in producing content that is search engine optimized by offering suggestions for your post’s content and title.
  • Ranking tracking: It provides data so you can track the performance of your keywords over time.
  • Unlimited Access to Keyword Library: Your use of the keyword library is unrestricted and is not subject to monthly limitations.
  • AI SEO Reports/Content Briefs: All of the tools are available to you, regardless of your plan level. The quantity of AI SEO reports and content briefs you can generate is the sole difference.


Rank IQ is an effective tool that may help you write SEO content that is much better. It’s simple to use, offers insightful information, and may boost traffic to your site.

Even if there is a fee involved, every blogger or content marketer should give it some thought because of the possible return on investment.