Cockfighting is an emotion in a lot of Asian countries, like the Philippines, Samoa, and Indonesia. And Wpit18 was created by understanding fanatics of the online cockfighting game. Here, you can place bets and watch cockfighting events online that are occurring in real time as well. You also get a chance to earn a chuck just by predicting the rooster that’s about to win. 

Registration and logging process at wpit18

Registering at wpit18 online sabong is kind of a tedious process as it does not follow a straightforward way of new registration. Users will not be able to join the platform by themselves but require to get assistance from a representative. You will have to contact the officials and request for new registration. 

You can find the contact us option on the official website itself, at the bottommost part of the home page. Once you connect successfully with them and ask for a new registration, they’ll connect you on WhatsApp or Viber to verify the details. Once your account is newly opened, you’ll get the password and username – using which you can log in to the website.

Wpit18 Dashboard

Wpit18 Dashboard is like the backbone, as it is single-handedly the element that contains all other necessary feature navigation. For example, you can check out the upcoming events on the dashboard, transactions and withdraw money from an option present on the dashboard, check out rooster details given on the dashboard, and so on. 

Wpit18 Advantages

Cockfighting and overall, the concept of sabong is not a supportive idea in countries other than the Philippines, Indonesia, and Samoa. So, as a local living in a foreign country, it might be heartbreaking to know that sabong games will not be tolerated. However, the good thing is that Wpit18 is available globally just like wpc2027, which means you can access the site anytime from anywhere. 

Additionally, the rules are pretty simple in Wpit18 giving users a chance to earn a ransom conveniently. That is, if you successfully predict the winning rooster, you’ll hit the jackpot and lose otherwise. The winning money can be withdrawn easily within a short period.

Wpit18 Disadvantages

Although Wpit18 is a super friendly interface, most people stay out of it due to its foundation. In simple words, the inclusivity of animal cruelty is not fair to a lot of people and the website is even banned in most nations. The roosters participating in it have less chance of survival while many get injured. 

Is Wpit18 live illegal?

The legality of Wpit18 is dependable on the geographical area. While countries like the Philippines and Indonesia support the concept, western countries like the US prohibit any sort of animal entertainment, sabong included. You may still be able to access Wpit18 using a proxy or a VPN, whatsoever. 


Currently, sabong games especially the online version are getting common among bettors. At the same time, online scams are getting rampant. Nevertheless, Wpit18 is a legitimate platform where you can bet and earn in return Just Like

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